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SAFETY AT WORK - The escape hood masks.


For respiratory protection in incidents involving chemicals.

The escape hood is a respiratory filtering protective device for use in incidents involving chemicals. It is part of "personal respiratory protective equipment," or third-category PPE, the category that, as Legislative Decree No. 475 of Dec. 4, 1992, indicates, includes PPE of complex design intended to safeguard against risks of death or serious injury of a permanent nature.

In order to enable proper use of such equipment, information, education and training of workers are mandatory.

These respiratory protective devices serve to prevent the inhalation of harmful substances (such as aerosols and aeriform) and to provide sufficient oxygen for breathing. They should be used when risks cannot be completely avoided or sufficiently reduced by technical preventive measures or collective means of protection (e.g., extraction equipment).


SR 76-3 escape hood mask

Specifically, the SR 76-3 escape hood mask is based on a Sundström silicone half-mask mounted in a hood made of chemical-resistant material.

It can be put on quickly and simply, without prior adjustment. 

The hood is equipped with SR 294 ABE2 gas filter and SR 510 P3 particle filter and provides protection against all types of particles and the following types of gases:
  • A2, organic gases and vapors, such as solvents, with boiling points above +65 ºC.
  • B2, inorganic gases and vapors, such as chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen cyanide.
  • E2, acidic gases and vapors such as sulfur dioxide and hydrofluoric acid.
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